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TIY 7-5-16

Tuned Into You – Young Adult Contemporary Romance

June, 2016 by BookFish Books



A summer party is the last place Lydia Flowers expected to be—she’d rather be home practicing her wicked fast ball. Worse, her preacher father would freak if he learned she’s hanging out with seventeen-year-old Abe Fischer. Abe’s famous since he won the Nashville’s Teen Idol competition, but everyone knows he’s a lip-syncing druggie with a short fuse who lives to party. Except Abe’s nothing like the guy Lydia’s read about online. He’s sweet and sentimental; loves writing songs and riding his horse. If Lydia can find a way past his strict no-dating policies, she just might lose her heart to the dreamy-eyed crooner.

Life throws Lydia and Abe a curve ball when they are wrongfully arrested for destruction of property. Her choices? Work on the Fischer Farm beside Abe or the arrest goes on her record and ruins her shot at a softball scholarship. With few options, Lydia agrees to a summer of indentured servitude working side-by-side with Abe and their initial dislike turns to attraction. When the press gets wind of the secret Abe’s family has been keeping from him, he will have to risk pushing Lydia away and striking out in the ultimate game of his life. Lydia will have to decide if Abe’s messed up life in the spotlight is worth risking her heart and the scholarship of her dreams.

Sam Squared – Young Adult Contemporary  Romance

Stay tuned…

Keep your friends close and your frenemies exponentially closer.

Unless seventeen-year-old Samantha raises her GPA, she can kiss the basketball scholarship to her dream college goodbye. Getting a tutor sounds easier than it is, because the best person for the job happens to be Samuel, her nemesis since the first grade when she kicked his butt in t-ball.

Now Samuel is the big man on campus, but only Samantha knows his deep dark secret… The guy’s a frigging genius. Hey, it’s not his fault high school politics dictate that someone can’t be both smart and cool. But when approached by his long time crush about tutoring, Samuel agrees to help, but only if they study in private, and tell no one. Especially not Samantha’s older brother that would kill him if he knew Samuel was anywhere near his sister.

As Samuel and Samantha spend more alone time together, their playful banter turns into a real attraction. That is, until he kisses her, and then has the nerve to deny it in front of their friends. To save face, Samantha concocts a story about a glorious kiss with a mystery man in a dark closet, thus setting her friends on a “who-dunnit” goose chase. But as her friends sort through the possible kissers, Samuel grows jealous of Samantha’s growing interest in the fake mystery-men. Coming clean about the kiss might earn him the whooping of a lifetime from Samantha’s brother, but keeping it secret will cost him his chance to win her back. Samantha may need his help to pass math, but Samuel’s the one that needs a tutor in love.